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Spirits of Earth: Ancient Native American Effigy Mounds of Wisconsin

Native peoples have occupied what is now the state of Wisconsin for over 13,000 years, first arriving at the end of the glacial period. Populations grew through time and cultures became increasing more complex. After 500 B.C native peoples began the custom of burying  the dead under earthen mounds. Between AD 700 and 1100 mound building exploded throughout southern Wisconsin and became much more elaborate- taking the form of sometimes vast landscapes of  burial mounds made as effigies of  animals, supernatural beings, and even human beings. Modern day Columbia  and Dodge Counties are at the geographical heart of this remarkable cultural development that is unique in the world and called the Effigy Mound Cultural Complex. This presentation explores what is known about the effigy mounds and the world of the effigy mound builders with examples drawn from the Columbus region. 

Robert Birmingham is the former Wisconsin and professor at UW-Waukesha. Now retired, he continues to write books and articles on various archaeological and historical topics. His most book is a second edition Indian Mounds of Wisconsin (UW Press) co-authored with Amy Rosebrough.

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