Meeting Rooms

The Village of Randolph has 2 large Community Rooms,

1 in the Municipal Building and

1 in the Library

The room in the Municipal Building must be reserved with the Village Clerk/Treasurer. Both the large Community Room in the Library and the small Conference Room in the Library must be reserved through the Library.

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES for the Library Community Room

The following policies and procedures shall apply to all groups or individuals requesting use of the Library Community Room.

I.                  AVAILABILITY    (ALL EVENTS MUST BE SCHEDULED) All events must be scheduled with the Library Director

Library or Village–sponsored recreation programs or service programs including nutrition site programming shall have priority use of the Community Room.

The Community Room in the Library is available to groups or individuals within the Randolph area for civic, educational, cultural or any other purpose for community benefit.

4.  For-Profit activities are allowed at the discretion and direction of the Library Director.

5.  Recurring activities (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc) will be allowed at the discretion of the Library Director and Library Board of Trustees.

6.  Your intended hours of usage must be made available to the Library Director for scheduling purposes. Generally, the facility will be available for use 8am to 12am.

II.                  USE OF FACILITIES

1.  Groups (individuals) renting the Community Room accept responsibility for the repair and/or replacement of damaged or missing equipment or damage to the facility. DO NOTUSE push pins/tape on any walls.

2.   Set up and take down of tables, chairs, and other equipment shall be done by Library personnel only. Applicant shall meet with Library personnel for set up arrangements and thermostat operation instructions.

3.   All areas rented are to be cleaned. ALL garbage is to be bagged and tied. Equipment and utensils used are to be cleaned and returned to proper storage. Tables and chairs are to be arranged in the same manner found. Renters must bring their own towels and dishcloths. The use of any type of confetti AND/OR glitter is not permitted.

4.  Groups or individuals that wish to use kitchen facilities must so indicate on the Community Room Use Application form.



1.   No smoking is permitted. (Violators will be cited.)

2.    Partisan political activities that are informational, educational, or for fund raising are allowed. Local Police Department must be notified and any appropriate fees paid for police protection necessitated by this event at the discretion of the Police Chief and the Library Board.

3.    All alcoholic beverages must be served from cans, plastic glasses or plastic bottles. Soft drinks must be served from cans, plastic bottles or plastic glasses.

4.   No dispensing of alcoholic beverages or soft drinks shall be done from bulk containers (1/4 or 1/2 barrels or mixing dispensers).

5.    All food and beverages shall be served and consumed in the kitchen and/or community room area.


1.   Groups or individuals wishing to use the Community Room must submit a Community Room Use Application to the Library Director.

2.    Subject to the conditions contained herein, the Library Director and Library Trustees may approve applications for the facility’s use.

3.     Applications for use shall be made in advance but no longer than (12) twelve months prior to the date of requested use. A deposit is required. If cancellations are made within 30 days of your reservation date or if the community room can be rented to another party, your deposit will be returned to you as soon as possible.

4.      Upon approval of a Community Room Use Application, the applicant(s) shall pay the appropriate fee to the Library Director (see Application for Use form). The fees may be waived for applicants representing recognized not–for–profit organizations.

5.       In addition to the facility’s use fee presented above, all applicants will be assessed a deposit which will be held pending an after–use inspection of the facility. If the premises have been properly cleaned and maintained as provided in Section II, the deposit will be refunded to the applicant. However, should the Library staff be required to clean the facility, then the deposit shall be retained as a maintenance fee. In addition, the cost of any repairs or cleaning that exceeds said deposit shall be the responsibility of the applicant.

6.    Groups organized for civic, educational or cultural purposes may apply to the Village Board for a waiver of the fees set forth above.

7.    The Library reserves the right to refuse the use of the facility to any group or individual who has not complied with these regulations in the past. 8.    Not-For-Profit groups must notify the Library Director of schedule changes or cancellations. Failure to do this may result in usage fees.

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES for the small Conference Room

In the Library

1.    The small conference room is available only during the librarys normal hours of operation.

2.     It is strongly suggested you make reservations in advance. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance.

3.    Groups (individuals) using the Community Room accept responsibility for the repair and/or replacement of damaged or missing equipment or damage to the facility. DO NOT USE push pins/tape on any walls.

4.     There will be no set up and take down of tables, chairs, and other equipment. Everything in the conference room stays there.

5.     No eating, drinking alcohol or smoking is allowed.

6.     Please take any garbage with you when finished with the room. The use of any type of confetti AND/OR glitter is not permitted