New Director Information


Job Title:  Library Director

Department:  Library

Reports to:  Library Board

Employed by: Village of Randolph

Hours: 40 hours per week, 2080 hours per year

Certification:   Minimum Grade 3

Application Deadline: October 15, 2018 or until this possition is filled

Link to Application

Send application, Resume, Letter and 3 references to: Hutchinson Memorial Library;  228 N High St;  Randolph, WI 53956


The Library Director shall be considered the executive officer and shall be in sole charge of the administration of the library under the direction and review of the Library Board.

The Library Director shall be held responsible for the employment and direction of the staff, for the efficiency of the library’s service to the public; for the operation of the library under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget.


The Library Director shall attend all Library Board meetings and act as technical advisor to the board, and attend the regular village board meeting.  Administer the library in accordance with policies, goals, and procedures established by the board.  Plans and supervises the work of the library, relating library objectives to the community.  Maintains the library collection, supervises computer use and manages the automated system.


  1. Develops the annual library budget proposal for review by the Library Board and participates in its presentation to municipal officials.  Expends funds within established procedure.
  2. Develops and submits the library’s policies and long range goals and objectives to the Library Board for review, approval and update.  Implements policies and long range goals and objectives as established by the Library Board.
  3. Plan and supervises the work of library, relating goals and objectives to the community needs
  4.  Recruits, selects, hires, trains supervises, evaluates and terminates library staff and/or volunteers.  Schedules library employees and/or volunteers and assigns routine duties.  Plans and conducts regular staff and/or volunteer meetings.
  5. Works with municipal and state government officials to meet the needs of the library and works with special groups in an advisory capacity.
  6. Participate in fundraising in conjunction with the Library Board and Friends organization.
  7. Writes grant applications to improve library services.
  8. Represents the library at the county and system level.  Acts as spokesperson for the library in the community.
  9. Plans and administers the library’s public relations plan, including development of promotional materials and projects.
  10. Directs and supervises building and grounds maintenance, repairs and improvement.
  11. Plans, supervises and conducts library services and programs.  Cooperates with all community educational and recreational groups and organizations to assist in their projects.
  12. Provides reader’s advisory, reference and other patron assistant services.
  13.  Register patrons, records data and issues patron cards.
  14. Enters acquisition information into the database (card catalog).
  15. Performs repairs and reconditions library materials.
  16. Oversees the library’s ongoing collection development plan and supervised withdrawal of library materials in accordance with the plan. (Weeds shelves and supervised inventories).
  17. Carries out circulation desk policies; performs desk procedures.
  18. Directs and performs interlibrary loan procedures
  19. Maintains library statistics.
  20. Coordination service to special needs populations.
  21. Prepares library board meeting agendas and necessary reports in cooperation with the library board and notifies the library board of scheduled meetings.
  22. Performs other duties as required by the Library Board.
  23. Shelves library materials; reads shelves, (sorts) processed mail.


  1. Knowledge of library techniques, methods and procedure as they apply to library administration.
  2. Ability to hire, train, supervise and discipline employees, coordinate and delegate workloads and work schedules, evaluate work performance and maintain high standards of library service.
  3. Knowledge of the community in which the library is located.  Understanding of the unique nature of small communities and their libraries.
  4. Ability to organize, plan and direct the growth and development of the library.
  5. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with the library trustees, staff and volunteers, the library system and member libraries, local service organizations, village, county, state officials and the general public.
  6. Ability to gain a working understanding of current and developing technologies as they relate to public library operations and services.
  7. Ability to use computer software and manage computerized files.


  1. Sitting, standing, walking, climbing and stooping.
  2. Bending, twisting and reaching.
  3. Talking and hearing; use of telephone.
  4. Far vision at 20 feet or further; near vision at 20 inches or less.
  5. Lifting and carrying: 30 pounds or less.
  6. Handling: processing, picking up and shelving books
  7. Fingering: typing, writing, filing, sorting, shelving and processing.
  8. Pushing and pulling: objects weighing 60-80 pounds on wheels.
  9. Mobility: travel to meetings outside the library.  A valid driver’s license and a vehicle is required.


  1. Communication skills:  effectively communicates ideas and information both in written and oral form.
  2. Reading ability:  effectively read and understand information contained in memoranda, reports and bulletins.
  3. Mathematical ability:  calculate basic arithmetic problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) without the aid of the calculator.
  4. Analytical skills:  identify problems and opportunities; review possible alternative courses of action before selecting one; utilize information, resources available when making decisions.
  5. Problem solving skills: develop feasible, realistic, solution to problems; recommend actions designed to prevent problems from occurring; refer problem to Library Board when necessary.
  6. Planning and organization skills:  develop long-range plans to solve complex problems or take advantage of opportunities; establish systematic methods of accomplishing goals.
  7. Creative decision-making; effectively evaluate or make independent decisions based upon experience, knowledge or training, without supervision.
  8. Time management:  set priorities in order to meet assignment deadlines.


  1. Inside work environment.
  2. Flexible work hours: frequent evening and occasional weekend hours.


Library automation system, audio-visual equipment, typewriter, calculator, copy machine, microfilm reader and printer, fax machine, telephone, computer, printers, projectors, cassette players and other types of audiovisual equipment, cameras, building heating and air conditioning.


  1. Eligibility for Grade 3 Wisconsin Certificate.
  2. Three years of public library experience and community involvement.


Salary is hourly $16 - $18 per hour commenert with education and experience. Competitive benefits package including health insurance, Wisconsin State retirement program, paid sick days, and paid vacations