Director's Page

Welcome to our new Director Whitney Parrillo!

The Hutchinson Memorial Library welcomed a new Library Director on December 10, 2018.  Whitney Parrillo is excited to serve the community of Randolph and can't wait to meet you!  Stop by the library and say hi!


Thanks to our previous Director Peggy K. Potter!

Peggy K. Potter

I will be retiring this Fall, my last day being October 1, 2018. It has been over 10 years and working with all the very nice people in Randolph has been quite an experience. I feel like I have accomplished much in my years here. When I arrived in July of 2008 there was standing water in the basement and a steady flow coming through the old lower level entrance. With the approval of my wonderful Library Board of Trustees, we had the basement excavated, sealed, the old entrace filled in and water diverted from the basement. Then we had all the asbestos removed by experts, the moldy drywall replaced, new carpet and a complete paint job. Over the next 10 years we have had the stone outside tuckpointed, a new metal roof put on, the 1939 front door re-built, rooms painted--some twice, 8 new windows--one thanks to a rock, one thanks to a lawn mower, the other 6 just aged. We have replaced airconditioners, light fixtures, plumbing parts, furniture, and kitchen appliances. We added bookcases, up-graded computers and high speed wireless internet access. The new carpeting in the main Library looks great. Not what I expected when I became a Library Director. A few of the things I did here I did expect. The Library Book Club is a great success. Story Time came back. And something Randolph never had, a yearly Art Exhibit. Each January and February the last 10 years we invite local artists to display their work and have a reception to celebrate their accomplishments. Thank you to all who have made my life easier here, my staff and my friends. I am going home to the Milwaukee metro area October 1st to be with my family but I will miss Randolph.